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Giuliano Afbalanceringsapparat S820 230V

Giuliano Afbalanceringsapparat S820 230V-1ph-50/60hz

The balancer is supplied with a new concept wheel guard, pedal brake, wheel distance and diameter automatic measuring gauge, cones and quick clamping ring nut.


  • Automatic measuring of wheel diameter and distance;
  • Automatic START and STOP;
  • Pedal brake;
  • Static and dynamic balancing;
  • Huge combination of ALU programs;
  • NWN system;
  • Special ALU-S program;
  • FES function;
  • OPTIMATCH function;
  • Self-diagnosis;
  • Self-calibration;
  • OPF function;
  • Complete with cones and quick clamping ring nut;
  • Complete with Wheel guard;
  • Automatic measuring of wheel width by SONAR (LA) available as optional.
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Giuliano Dækmaskine til lastbil dæk S551XL

Giuliano Heavy duty dækmaskine til lastbil dæk S551XL 

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Maskinen findes også i specialudgave, som laves efter kundeønske bla. til militære specialdæk "run on flat" mfl. Se mere HER

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