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Optimum CNC drejebænk OPTIturn S 620

Optimum CNC drejebænk

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Type of Control Sinumerik 828D
Sinumerik 828D system software (factory option) SW 28x
CNC memory 8 MB
Look Ahead 150
Set change time 1 ms
Number of tools 512
Cooling lubricant system
Coolant pump output 530 W
Central lubrication system output 30 W
Counter spindle
Output drive motor continuous operation S1 7.5 kW
Torque drive motor 50 nm
Output drive motor S6-30% operation 11 kW
Torque drive motor S6-30% operation 112 nm
Spindle taper DIN ISO 702-1 No. 5
Chuck passage 52 mm
Bar through-loading 45 mm
Hydraulic lathe chuck 150 mm
Speed range 0 – 5000 min¯¹
Dimensions and weights
Max. length 3985 mm
Length 3500 mm
Width/depth 3135 mm
Height 1950 mm
Weight approx. 5000 kg
Electric Data
Supply voltage 400 V
Electrical connections
Total rated value 20 kVA
Feed speed
X axis 24000 mm/min
Y axis (factory option) 6000 mm/min
Z axis 24000 mm/min
Hydraulic system
Motor output 2.2 kW
Machine data
Chuck passage diameter 66 mm
Angled bed 30 °
Repetition accuracy ± 0.01 mm
Positioning accuracy 0.01 / 300 mm
Spindle chuck DIN ISO 702-1 No. 6
Spindle bore/rod passage diameter 52 mm
Spindle bore with hydraulic chuck 200 mm
Travel X axis 215 mm
Travel Z axis 520 mm
Y axis travel (factory option) 100 (+/- 50) mm
Z2 axis 520 mm
Type hydraulic VDI30 DIN 5480
Number of tool slots 12 Tools
Drive motor output 3.75 kW
Max. chuck height, width square 25x25 mm
Max. chuck diameter drilling rod 40 mm
Max. permissible speed at tool coupling 6000 min¯¹
Vertical spindle
Drive motor output continuous operation S1 11 kW
Drive motor output S6-30 % operation 15 kW
Drive motor torque 98.7 nm
Drive motor torque S6-30 % operation 199.2 nm
Work areas
Swing diameter above machine bed 650 mm
Swing diameter above planing slide 380 mm
Turning length in bed bridge 520 mm
Max. turning diameter 380 mm
  • Heavy duty design
  • Compact design
  • Slanted bed design 30 ° for particularly large machining diameters
  • Easy chip discharge into the chip tray
  • Dimensionally stable linear guides - ensure a long service life through maximum static and dynamic rigidity.
  • Hardened and ground ball screws
  • SIEMENS servomotors in all axes
  • All servomotors with integrated encoder for highest accuracy
  • Portable electronic handwheel facilitates program retraction considerably
  • Chip conveyor
  • Halogen work lamp
  • C-axis with APEX PT16 brake system -16-RB-330 and 12 tools VDI 30
  • Hydraulic three-jaw chuck Ø 200 mm and on the counter spindle 150 mm
  • Coolant system
  • Foot switch
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Hydraulic unit
  • Cabinet heat exchanger
  • Bar loader interface
  • EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility)


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