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Universal køleanlæg til Bore/fræsemaskiner, save mm.

Universal kølevandsanlæg

Hold dine maskiner fra at overophede med denne. Tager hele 8 liter i minuttet.

Pakken her er komplet med beholder, et fleksibelt rør og slange.


Pris 1.875,00 kr.
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Optimum søjleboremaskine DH 35G m. El tilspænding

  • Dirt and water resistant, easy to clean membrane keypad
  • Electronics 24V DC
  • depth stop
  • Electrical quill feed
  • Low-maintenance, running in closed oil bath gearbox
  • Threading attachment
  • Machine light integrated in the drill head
  • main switch
  • Large, height-adjustable protective screen with safety switch for the utmost protection of the user
  • Large dimensioned, solid drill table, precisely worked with diagonal T-slots and all-round cooling water channel, strongly ribbed on the back, tiltable ± 90 ° sideways
  • Coolant device integrated with coolant reservoir in the base plate
  • Chip filter cleans the coolant from coarse components
  • Extremely stable, thick-walled cast-iron column for high power consumption
  • Solid base plate with parallel T-slots, precision surface finish
Pris 48.083,75 kr.
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Optimum radial boremaskine OPTIdrill RD 3

Optimum radial boremaskine RD 3

Precise radial boring machine with standard base and clamping table. Suitable for processing bulky objects

Pris 58.593,75 kr.
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Optimum fræser OPTImill MF 4V

Optimum fræser MF 4V

Multifunctional drilling and milling machines for professional use. Electronically stepless drive with frequency converter "made in EU" and digital 3-axis position indicator DPA 21

Pris 203.750,00 kr.
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Optimum bore-fræse maskine OPTImill MB 4

Optimum bore-fræse maskine MB 4

Universal precision drilling-milling machine with two-stage drive motor with manual transmission for optimum power transmission

Pris 30.843,75 kr.
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Optimum fræser OPTImill MF 4-B

Optimum fræser MF 4-B

Multifunctional drilling-milling machines with mechanically steplessly adjustable drive for professional use

Pris 141.250,00 kr.